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Botswana is the land of elephants. With a population of close to 150,000 elephants, the country claims the largest free-roaming population on the planet. Thousands more live in regions bordering Botswana, in Angola, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

I am passionate about conservation and have spent the last five years with my family learning about the challenges of elephant conservation in Botswana, where the species is under attack from poaching and now hunting.

Bea Bond is committed to raising funds to support the coexistence of people and elephants in the panhandle of the Okavango Delta and we proudly support Ecoexist, everything they do is about finding ways for people and elephants to share space. They listen to people and whenever possible they listen to elephants too.  Learn more

What does Ecoexist do?

1.FOLLOWING THE HERDS tracking elephants to understand their population size and changes over time, their seasonal movements, pathways, preferred habitats, sources of food and water, and their interactions with other elephants and people

2.PLANNING FOR SHARED SPACE  gathering social, biological, and ecological information about people and elephants in the region to develop a big-picture understanding of competition and to help build opportunities for zoning land use and reducing conflict

3.LEARNING TOGETHER TO PROTECT FIELDS facilitating cooperation among farmers and villages to work and learn together how best to deter elephants from crop-raid

4.HARVESTING EARLY AND BOOSTING YIELDS leading collaborative research to help farmers develop more productive, sustainable farming techniques, and more resilient cropping strategies.

5.BUILDING AN ELEPHANT ECONOMY creating ways for elephants to signify benefits for people, not just danger and loss.

Visit Ecoexist to see how they are making a difference.