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Our Story

Born in Botswana all our clothing is handmade in Botswana, inspired by my family and our magical time in Africa; this is how it all began...

I had just had my first baby in London when a job offer arrived for Nicholas my Danish husband, the catch, it was in Botswana. I remember feeling so many emotions about moving with a small baby. It was quite daunting to move so far from family and friends but I knew that together we would make the most of a new adventure and now six years later we are launching Bea Bond in Europe!

"Bea Bond" comes from my personal link to Africa: My grandmother Bea was born in Nairobi and my mother grew up in Kenya. Now, my family and I have continued this family link to Africa living in Botswana. It is a privilege to be inspired by and work with artisans and craftsman in Botswana. 

Two big factors inspired me to start my brand; having children and simultaneously moving to Africa in 2013. When I arrived in Botswana I couldn’t find any locally-made cotton clothes. I discovered a beautiful fabric called Shweshwe, traditionally worn by Batswana for official occasions and ceremonies and I started sewing outfits for my children. Friends asked me about the vintage-inspired designs and African prints and that was the starting point for Bea Bond, but today we are much more than this.

Bea Bond is the first ethical and slow-fashion children’s brand handcrafted in Botswana. We partner with Batswana artisans and craftsmen to create beautiful clothes, with the aim of creating local opportunity and sustainable growth.


Kinvara and Phenix in their first Bea Bond outfits